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Today shopping malls have grown from being a mere surface where shopping takes place to being great entertainment centers where users can not only find all kinds of shops but also restaurants, cinemas, bowling alleys and even sports facilities. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure the most advanced security measures for users.


Scenario 1


Using license plate recognition analytic at all times you will be able to recognize and identify the vehicle intending to enter the premises. Whether an employee, a VIP or someone who is denied access. From the vehicle plate listed in its database, you can have all the relevant information about the vehicle even before it enters the premises.

Also, with a combination of license plate recognition analytic with face recognition, you can prevent from wrong recognition due to the camera tampering or use the car by someone else.




Scenario 2


Through our people counting analytic People Counting, by placing a camera focused on the entrance of the shop, an accurate count of the number of people entering the shop is performed. A statistical benefit to help determine their potential customer base.


Scenario 3


In many cases, the public spaces of malls, such as the common dining areas of restaurants, are massively busy at peak times of the day.

Thanks to our Occupancy rate analytic, management can determine the rate of occupation of these spaces. Furthermore, our hot spot detection analytic, Heat Map, recognizes the zones which have the greatest and most continuous flow of people, providing detailed statistics so that the center management can adopt security measures or marketing policies as necessary.


Scenario 4


The statistics provided by the count or occupancy rate analytic, provide valuable information to the premises in a mall. This is where marketing policies need to be more individualized and should be focused in a personal way on the end customer.

Through our various analytics, the age and gender of clients (Virabin Age and Gender Recognition) can be determined, facial expressions, such as happiness, surprise, satisfaction, indifference or anger (Virabin Expressions Facial Recognition), and the position of the head which indicates that part of a window at which more customers look (Virabin Head Pose).


Scenario 5


It is necessary for the management of public service establishments to ensure the physical security of their users, so they do not suffer any accident and have the means to respond as quickly as possible if this occurs. Our person Fall detection analytic helps to recognize when someone has had an accident, fallen to the ground and was not able to get up within a certain time.

Any time there are such large crowds of people, our analytic Panic, recognizes patterns that lead individuals from nervousness to panic and thus prevents potentially dangerous situations.

Virabin Business Intelligence Analytics is a modern solution in the field of providing security and marketing that they will improve the control and management of your company and business.

On a security level, Virabin provides more than 45 different analytics modules from face, objects and plate recognitions to counting, traffic analytics, amongst many others, in order to prevent any unlucky event that may happen.

On a marketing level, Virabin Analytics Platform will offer the possibility to recognize any of your customers and create your own reports through statistics and the most advanced Business Intelligence and Big Data tools to implement the most advanced marketing strategies focused on the client in the most direct way.

Our suggested software nowadays is a famous brand in the field of offering a smart solution which is presenting different kinds of services in video analytics section.

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