Kala Mehr Donya Solutions provides the most efficient tools for marketing analysis through its video analytics such as age and gender recognition, people counting, mapping hotspots and facial expression recognition. In this way and once again ensuring maximum comfort to the client, the establishment can get the most accurate data to generate statistics that help them develop their marketing policies.

Hotels offer various activities: accommodation, garage, exhibitions, room hire for congresses, conventions, and banquets, pool, spa, etc.

In short, a range of services open to the public that make it imperative that the hotel counts on the most advanced security measures available on the market.

Various video analytics offered by Kala Mehr Donya help the establishment management to ensure the most effective safety measures and access control in a non-intrusive manner, ensuring maximum comfort for the user of the property.


Scenario 1


Using the license plate recognition analytic at all times you will be able to recognize and identify the vehicle intending to enter the premises. Whether an employee, a VIP or someone who is denied access.

From the vehicle plate listed in its database, you can have all the relevant information about the vehicle even before it enters the premises.

Scenario 2


Through our face recognition analytic, management can recognize those people of special interest to the management.

In addition to serving as an important safety tool, if some users have been included, for example, on the list of VIP users, they could be offered their favorite drink while waiting to check in or the process could be speeded up.

Scenario 3


During the hours in which the garden or pool area must remain closed to the public, a perimeter or intrusion analytic would help the hotel security to know in real time if someone, accidentally or not, has entered the closed pool or garden area.

Scenario 4


It is necessary for the management of public service establishments to ensure the physical security of their users, so they do not suffer any accident and have the means to respond as quickly as possible if this occurs.

Our person Fall detection analytic helps to recognize when someone has had an accident, fallen to the ground and was not able to get up within a certain time.

Scenario 5


In addition to these security measures, it is important for an establishment to be open to the public so it knows its customers as well as possible and thus can offer its services customized to the individual, so they feel “at home”.

Using our analytic to recognize age and gender, situated at the entrance of the establishment, for example at breakfast time, you could know (by combining different analytics), exactly the number, times of entry, age and gender of the people who come and adjust offers to the tastes of customers.

Virabin Business Intelligence Analytics is a modern solution in the field of providing security and marketing that they will improve the control and management of your company and business.

On a security level, Virabin provides more than 45 different analytics modules from face, objects and plate recognitions to counting, traffic analytics, amongst many others, in order to prevent any unlucky event that may happen.

On a marketing level, Virabin Analytics Platform will offer the possibility to recognize any of your customers and create your own reports through statistics and the most advanced Business Intelligence and Big Data tools to implement the most advanced marketing strategies focused on the client in the most direct way.

Our suggested software nowadays is a famous brand in the field of offering a smart solution which is presenting different kinds of services in video analytics section.


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