Practitioners of traffic management are un- der increasing pressure to perform more and more functions as the capabilities of modern surveillance systems increase the range of tasks that can be performed.

Various dynamic triggers based on object motion can be configured to control levels of congestion on specific sections of the road and can set an alarm if the average traffic speed drops below a pre-set threshold.

In addition to based triggers, our analysis module also makes use of object counting algorithms which are widely used in commercial environments for valuable information about pedestrian flows. This technology is similar to that used for counting vehicles and can be used to compile statistics about traffic flow patterns.

Through various Traffic management analytics of Virabin, illegally parked vehicles or those which are parked in an area for too long are detected, even in regular traffic areas where vehicles could be blocked regularly by traffic.

The act of driving dangerously can also be detected rapidly, avoiding potential accidents and injuries. If a vehicle is traveling in reverse or in the wrong direction, the systems can detect the wrong movement and alert the security personnel immediately.  Also, you can set a speed limit and alerts are sent when a vehicle exceeds this limit.

Vehicles can also be counted, allowing the monitoring of traffic levels throughout the day. This could be used to measure the use of a park or the number of customers visiting a business drive-through, or used in conjunction with speed measurements to measure traffic bottlenecks.



Scenario 1


To improve the safety of roads and through a combination of speed Detection and Number Plate Recognition Virabin analytics, we can detect vehicles that exceed the speed limit to alert authorities and to apply the corresponding penalties.

Scenario 2


With cameras installed on the road, we can improve traffic safety through the Parked Vehicle Virabin analytic by detecting those vehicles parked on the road (e.g. accident) to remove them as soon as possible and to alert other drivers. We can do the same with vehicles traveling in the opposite direction through the Forbidden Direction Virabin analytic.

Also, the Dangerous Goods Virabin analytic recognizes indicative plates of these vehicles to avoid them driving on the roads at certain periods in which a large influx of traffic is expected.


Scenario 3


In the toll is important to avoid anti-social behavior of vehicles to avoid paying and we propose the solution, Plate Recognition analytic to register these drivers. Also, if we want to avoid any vandalism to these cameras we can include Handling Virabin analytic to alert

Scenario 4


To avoid delays and predict possible traffic in a given period of time we can use Vehicle Count Virabin analytic with its advanced BI statistics allowing us to estimate the traffic to take appropriate measures such as opening an additional lane.

If this has already been produced by the Traffic Management and Retention Virabin, the authorities and the emergency services can be notified if there have been any accidents.

Scenario 5


In parking areas and service areas, there are often grouped many vehicles of all kinds. They are rest areas where there are many people and it is important to avoid any incident. For that, we propose Virabin Loitering analytic that is an alert to highlight those who have erratic behavior in the car park.

Likewise, we also offer the Fire and Smoke Virabin analytic that will alert promptly in the event of any fire both in the vicinity and inside the enclosure. All this will allow prompt reaction to avoid greater problems.

Virabin Business Intelligence Analytics is a modern solution in the field of providing security and marketing that they will improve the control and management of your company and business.

On a security level, Virabin provides more than 45 different analytics modules from face, objects and plate recognitions to counting, traffic analytics, amongst many others, in order to prevent any unlucky event that may happen.

On a marketing level, Virabin Analytics Platform will offer the possibility to recognize any of your customers and create your own reports through statistics and the most advanced Business Intelligence and Big Data tools to implement the most advanced marketing strategies focused on the client in the most direct way.

Our suggested software nowadays is a famous brand in the field of offering a smart solution which is presenting different kinds of services in video analytics section.


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