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The correct definition of the security measures in the industrial sector is one of the biggest challenges facing the Management of the activity.On one hand, it is necessary to ensure the security of the outer perimeter to prevent theft of materials such as steel and copper or part of the expensive machinery needed to operate one of these plants occur.On the other hand, it is necessary to control access to these plants and define precisely which vehicles enter and leave, it is very important to efficiently control the entry and exit of trucks and waste or recycled material.

Virabin Company can help solve your needs for security, surveillance, access control and management by using the latest technology applied to video analysis.

Virabin Business Intelligence Analytics is an

Analytics Platform able to boost any VMS in the market, increasing their effectiveness and offering new security and marketing solutions to improve the management of your company.

On a security level, Virabin provides more than 45 different analytics modules from face, objects and plate recognitions to counting, traffic analytics, amongst many others, in order to prevent any unlucky event that may happen.

On a marketing level, Virabin Analytics Platform will offer the possibility to recognize any of your customers and create your own reports through statistics and the most advanced Business Intelligence and Big Data tools to implement the most advanced marketing strategies focused on the client in the most direct way.

Virabin is a unique Analytics Platform in the market that unifies all your analytics in a single interface allowing an easy configuration and management of the system. Moreover, through the Cloud version, you can have access to the platform and manage everything remotely from any location. Our suggested software nowadays is a famous brand in the field of offering a smart solution which is presenting services in video analytics section


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